What Class is right for my Child?  -  Great question!

Murrieta Tennis Club offers a complete junior tennis program for children between the ages of 4-18.  From the very beginner to the most advanced tournament player, Murrieta Tennis Club's kids lesson program covers the entire spectrum.  The Jr. Program & Jr. Academy at MTC focuses on developing, a well rounded tennis foundation, camaraderie, self-esteem, physical fitness, discipline and good sportsmanship. Our Jr. Program is designed for the Beginner to Intermediate Jr. players and our Jr. Academy is designed for Intermediate to Advanced Jr. Players. Above all else, including winning & losing, fun is the number one ingredient for all junior players so they can learn to love the game for life!

Below are some brief descriptions of the some of our Jr. Programs offered at MTC.  Please see our Jr. Academy page for more information on Intermediate to Advanced Jr. Tennis.  If you are unsure which program to place your juniors(s) into please contact us at 951-698-6774  or  info@murrietatennisclub.com.

If your child is a NEW to the Murrieta Tennis Club we now include a Get Started Private Lesson when you register for our Jr Program. You no longer have to purchase this as a separate package.  If your child is a NEW to the Murrieta Tennis Club then upon registration they will receive a FREE Get Started Private Lesson in their first month. Please see registration form or our Jr. Program New Student Policy for details.


Beginners-Intermediates, 4-6 yrs old 
This class is designed to help kids improve eye-hand coordination. Players will learn basic strokes, play fun games that keep kids moving, and learn to be excited about tennis.

Tuesday, 4-4:30 PM 
Thursday, 4-4:30 PM   
Saturday, 8:30-9 AM   

$30 per month*
(Based on 1 set class per week)

Beginners & intermediates, 7-12 yrs old
Players will continue to perfect the basic strokes with more attention to developing proper technique.  In addition to developing solid ground-strokes from the baseline.  The Stars will begin to work on the proper technique for the volley, overheads, and serves.

Monday, 3:30-4:30 PM 
Tuesday, 4:30-5:30 PM   
Thursday, 4:30-5:30 PM 
Friday, 4-5 PM   
Saturday, 9-10 AM    - Full Class - Please call or email us to be placed on the wait-list.
Saturday, 10-11 AM  

$60 per month*
(Based on 1 set class per week)

Beginners & intermediates, 13-18 yrs old
This class is for the entry level or intermediate Jr. High and High School players.  Players will learn basic fundamental, such as: forehand, backhand, volleys, and serves.  They will develop the skills and techniques that will be necessary to play High School tennis.  Once the basic skills are accomplished, singles and doubles point play will be introduced.

Monday, 6:30-7:30 PM
Wednesday, 6:30-7:30 PM
Thursday, 5:30-6:30 PM

$60 per month*
(Based on 1 set class per week)

*Rates listed are our Non-Member Rates (Tots $30 per month Non-Member, Stars/Jr/Hs $60 per month Non-Member). Member rates available (Tots $25 per month Member, Stars/Jr/Hs $48 per month Member). Monthly rates are based on one set class per week. Requires contract and direct billing to a credit card or checking account for all Jr. Programs. See our Jr. Program Policies for more information.

Attend a Charter or Home School Program?

We are current vendors for the following Charter Schools:  River Springs, Excel Charter, Inspire Charter, Dehesa / Element, Sage Oak. Please use our Jr. Program Registration form for Charter Schools below.  Please remember that we must receive your PO from your Charter school before your child's start date. Thank you, MTC